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Cocoa CCH22 Kakao 2021-01-15 Overview of the markets with ICHIMOKU / Value Cocoa CCH22 Kakao 2021-01-15 2021-01-15
GBPJPY weekly signal sequence 14.01.2021 en GBPJPY weekly signal sequence_14.01.2021_en.-p2I3.pdf 2021-01-14
XAGUSD Silver weekly signal sequence_20.12.2020_en XAGUSD Silver weekly signal sequence_20.12.2020_en.-wpOG.pdf 2020-12-20
AUDCHF weekly signal sequence_13.12.2020_en AUDCHF weekly signal sequence_13.12.2020_en.-MSFm.pdf 2020-12-13
CADJPY weekly signal sequence_06.12.2020_en CADJPY weekly signal sequence_06.12.2020_en.-e65K.pdf 2020-12-06
BRENT UK_Oil weekly signal sequence_21.11.2020_en BRENT UK_Oil weekly signal sequence_21.11.2020.-kf2p.pdf 2020-11-21