We are a group of traders interested in the Ichimoku kinkōhyō strategy for years. Our passion for analysis using this method has led us not only get to know the role of the well-known five ichimoku's line but also broaden our knowledge about three great theories of Ichimoku Kinkōhyō: Time Theory, Wave Movement Theory and Target Price Theory.
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Our knowledge comes from detailed analysis of the original Japanese works: First Master Goichi Hosoda, his grandson Master Tessei Hosoda and Mr Sasaki disciple of the First Master, who had a big impact on the dissemination of these works.

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The full investment strategy is available thanks to this knowledge. It is known that proper market analysis is very time-consuming, because of its complexity. To make our work easier and to minimize the time needed to perform it, we have created an advanced measuring tool- “Ichimoku Wave Meter graphic indicator.’’

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Our goal is trading based on scenarios on chart D1. People interested in daytrading will also find elements of strategies that can be successfully applied to low intervals. Currently, the index allows for a complete analysis in a very short time, which is a great help in observing several tools.

Our mission is to provide tools for professional analysis through the correct interpretation of Ichimoku kinkōhyō.

Ichimoku waves meter is a graphic program that allows traders to quickly and easily measure the proportions between the indicated points on the price graph. This time and price indicator is a basic tool for analysing the chart according to the Ichimoku strategy on the MT4/5 platform. Using this tool allows an insightful and complete analysis of time waves as well as price waves in a very short time. Effort put into performing the analysis is minimized many times in comparison with a similar measurement and calculation carried out using an excel. The indicator has been designed using the knowledge and experience of traders who use the Ichimoku kinko hyo strategy, as well as taking into account their expectations. The presented tool is the result of our work.

The modular structure of the indicator allows us to carry out the analysis in a logical sequence. The process starts from collecting data about the past waves which is then basis for calculating the future market movements. The data considered in calculations are crucial for the accuracy of the forecasts. This operation is minimized and gives an immediate measurement, which is displayed in a graphical form on the candlestick chart. Moreover, it can be personalized in many areas. The result can be presented as information on the graph in the form of values such as pips (Percentage in points), the number of candlesticks or the date of the forecasted change in the market.

The indicator allows us to use Time Theory and Target Price Theory at the same time. The obtained image shows the convergence of waves, which confirms the accuracy of the analysis. It is possible to hide the graphical or numerical informations that are not interesting at the moment. The indicator uses numerical values of Hosoda, which it recognizes on the chart and then emphasizes graphical distinction. This distinction depends on the degree of proximity to the basic numerical values. This allows the analyst to quickly draw the information of the emerging market situation, as well as indicate the stage of scenario implementation. The tool for calculating forecasted market ranges uses basic formulas for time and prices waves movements, which were derived by Hosoda. As an effect, we obtain prediction ranges from the nearest to possible further ranges in a very precise range.

The panel for automatic current measurements facilitates the work on the graph, where apart from the cycles with basic numerical values, there are also equivalent values, kakugi or jugi. When assessing the situation, it is also possible to use a panel for manual measurements. The basic schemes of Wave Movement Theory: V, N, E and NT have been supplemented with both habitual, negative and average ranges. In addition, with a high movement dynamics, a multiple of range is added, such as 2E or 3E. Depending on the measurement methodology used, make analyses both after the extremes and after closing the prices. In addition to the presented basic functions that are necessary to carry out the analysis according to the Ichimoku strategy, the indicator is also equipped with additional functions such as: analysis of candlesticks closures from a given period and presentation of the result of such measurement in the graphic form of the so-called. Kyushu legs. When analysing the cyclical nature of the market, it is also possible to use the functions of mirror reflections.

The description of all Indicator Functions and the scope of the User Manual can be found in separate files that can be downloaded by clicking buttons below:


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Ichimoku Co. Ltd. had been cooperating with Forex-Soft Programming Co. between 10th January 2018 and 14th June 2019. In the aforementioned period of time Forex-Soft Programming Co. was responsible for programming the Ichimoku Waves Meter indicator in the MQL4 language. Forex-Soft Programming Co. fulfilled its obligations conscientiously and timely. Its activities were flexible, professional, and its comprehensive approach to each of the entrusted tasks was clearly noticeable. Extensive experience and high qualifications of employees translated into effects that completely met our expectations. We particularly value the commitment and high quality service as well as openness to tailor the offer to the client's needs. Our cooperation went smoothly and with great commitment, which is why we strongly recommend Forex-Soft Programming Co. as a high-class specialist in its industry and a reliable and trustworthy business partner.