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"Running Wild"


You must have wondered, what is the advantage of a professional Trader (PRO Trader) over an amateur, haven’t you?
Yes, experience and skills, but is it really just that? And aren't these skills underpinned by something else?
Today, in the digital era, when everything happens in fractions of seconds, there are specialized tools, servers, software, etc. behind most professional Traders, aren’t they?
How should one face it, especially when being at the beginning of the journey, when everything seems so distant and inaccessible?
Our team has already walked this path. We know very well how many years of hard work we had to put in to get to where we are today and to be successful in the marketm on a regular basis.
We receive numerous inquiries from you regarding access to professional tools for facilitating trading, including automation of opening and running positions, as well as the ability to pyramid them correctly*, etc.
Therefore, we are reaching out to anyone who wants to make this path easier for themselves and use the solutions we have developed. We decided to creaste a professional executive tool called Expert Advisor (EA) that will meet your expectations and allow each of you to "hire" the best employee who does not sleep and eat, neither do they hesitate, and their reaction time is measured in milliseconds!

Your most frequently mentioned expectations for the EA executive tool:

* - "Positive Pyramiding" is the possibility of reinvesting profit from an open-(s) position already yielding profit.

As the team, we consider Money Management (MM) to be the most important issue that has the greatest impact on the outcome of the operations carried out in the financial market. You should pay special attention to it, because, regardless of the strategy you follow, at the time of opening the operation the price has only three possibilities: it will rise, fall or remain unchanged. Once it moves, however, the impulse will be significant, and this should absolutely be taken advantage of!
Therefore, on our part, we would like to enrich the functionality of the proposed EA and thus bring into your hands a so far unpresented, unique way of managing the size of positive pyramid positions*. This solution allows you to adjust dynamically and fully automatically to price fluctuations, even during corrections. This unusual way of pyramiding operations, "with position size recognition" during corrections, makes it possible to achieve extraordinary profits from your trading operations. From now on, it will also be available for you.
It took us years of work to develop this way of managing positions, but you can have a ready-made solution from the moment you purchase the Running Wild Operations Assistant.

Pay attention! Your Running Wild Operations Assistant will solve the above issues for you, but keep in mind that even the best tools and software cannot ensure your success and gain experience for you, it can only significantly simplify and speed up the process!

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The „Running Wild“ Ea availability information:
Implementation deadline for coding - delivery of Ea "Running Wild": until 20 Jan. 2023.
Terms of purchase:
Pre-sale until 30 Oct. 2022 at the price of: 350 EUR.
After that date, "Running Wild" Ea will be available at the regular price of 900 EUR.
Perpetual License (without a time limit) assigned to the First and Last Name of a MetaTrader 4 trading account - a license that allows to operate on multiple trading accounts of the User.

Disclaimer: By reviewing any of the materials or using the information on this site or using the Running Wild Executive Tool, you agree that this is a general educational material and you will not hold anyone responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the information presented here, and in particular the trading methodology contained in the Running Wild Executive Tool. Trading futures, options and spot currencies has high potential profits, but also significant potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and willing to accept them to invest in the futures, options or currency markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.